This application must be fully approved by March 13, 2020.

(by Event Organizer, EH&S and Fire Prevention)

Your organization must designate two coordinators for your food event who are responsible for all stages of the approval process, food purchase/preparation, set-up, sale/service and clean up. 

This form is intended for the use of evaluating the utility of the Pepsi Product Grant in participating events. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability, and upload any pictures taken from the event. Note: These pictures may be used on social media platforms.

In this form, you will be reporting how much you spent on the items that received grant funding, as well as providing receipts.

If you need the Ticketed Event Expenditure Report: Click Here

Remember to upload your Ticketed Event Expenditure Report with this form.


  • Your "Finance Agreement” (If you lost it email the CSI RSO Grant Student Manager at 
  •  All of your original receipts 


  1.  Put your organization name, preferred name, phone number and email on the ER 
  2.  Using your Finance Agreement enter your Grant number, Funding Period, Amount of Grant and Grant Due Date. 
  3.  In Column A, list all the line items that received grant funding 
  4.  In Column B, enter how much was allocated to your organization for those line items 
  5.  In Column C, enter the total cost of the line item.
  6.  In Column D, enter how much the organization contributed to the total cost of the line item (if any).
  7.  Column E: If the line item cost less than the amount allocated, calculate how much needs to be returned to CSI. 
  8.  Upload all receipts/invoices/final bills you are reporting in your ER in the File Upload field.

Each quarter, around $3,000 in Pepsi products are available for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) through application to and approval by the Center for Student Involvement.

An RSO must be registered and in good standing with CSI to be eligible for funding.  The application must be submitted at least 3 weeks before the event takes place.  To qualify for funding, the following criteria must be met:

  • Events must be :
    • be held on campus;
    • have a documented reservation with approval in process;
    • be campus-wide and open to all students (no general meetings will be eligible);
    • be free with a primary target audience of UC Davis students (faculty, staff and departmental events not eligible).
  • Allocated beverages may NOT be sold or used to generate profit in any way, including use as a raffle prize.
  • Event must be posted on AggieLife

Applications for Pepsi funding must be submitted three weeks prior to the event. Late applications will not be considered. Submission does not guarantee funding. For more information about this program, its parameters, etc., please visit our website.


Beyond Tolerance Logo

Beyond Tolerance applications are open for the 2018-2019 year!

Beyond Tolerance is part of the Hate-Free Campus Initiative, created to confront and stop acts of hate, foster a greater awareness of and appreciation for diversity, promote civility and respect in our human interactions and build a more inclusive campus community. The program is funded by the Office of Campus and Community Relations. Registered student organizations are able to receive up to $200.00 for programs and events that meet the criteria of the program.

Application Process

  1. Complete CSI Grant Orientation
  2. Submit the Beyond Tolerance Application at least 30 days before the event takes place .
  3. Meet with the CSI RSO Grant Manager.
  4. Have all five officers accept the terms and conditions of the finance agreement on AggieLife. We cannot transfer the funds your organization has been awarded until you do this.
  5. Have the event. Be sure to keep any receipts for items purchased using Beyond Tolerance funds.
  6. Submit the Expenditure Report no more than two weeks after the event. Any unused funds will be transferred back to CSI.

Examples of Items that can be Funded (Items must be one-time use for the specific event the organization is getting funding for.)

  • Space/Venue Rentals
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Fees and Services
  • Printing costs
  • Food (not to exceed 50% of the total funds requested/allocated/used.) 

Examples of Items that cannot be Funded (Items that will be kept after the event or items that are not for the specific event the organization is getting funding for.)

  • Equipment Purchases
  • Banners
  • T-Shirts
  • Food in excess of 50% of the total funds requested/allocated/used.

Off campus events cannot be funded through this grant. Events that have an admission fee cannot be funded through this grant.

Questions? Contact the CSI RSO Grant Manager or Joseph Martinez.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The organization must be registered and in good standing with the Center for Student Involvement.
  • The program must support the mission of Center for Student Involvement which retains the right to award co-sponsorships at its discretion.
  • The program must further the Hate-Free Campus Initiative.
  • All Registered Student Organizations that apply must have an active Agency Account.
  • The application must be submitted no less than thirty days in advance of the event date by one of the listed officers for the organization.
  • Events must be free of charge and open to the entire campus community.
  • Events must take place on the UC Davis campus.
  • Please note that fundraising and donation collections are not allowed at any CSI co-sponsored event.
  • All student organizations must adhere to all building capacity regulations.
  • Center for Student Involvement and the Office of Campus Community Relations must be acknowledged in all publicity material including flyers, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • The event is uploaded on AggieLife.
UC Davis Center for Student Involvement